Answering Services

There is nothing better when making a phone call than to be answered by a real person instead of just an answer phone and so that is why many small businesses are now hiring professional answering services instead of using an answer phone. If someone calls your business as a potential customer, to be answered by an automaton is off putting, often off putting enough to make that potential customer take their business elsewhere. Today a professional telephone answering service can offer more than just answering your incoming calls, they can do most of the tasks a receptionist would do, if you had one. It is not just small businesses that are resorting to hiring professional answering services as many lawyers and doctors are also hiring them, especially if they only have a one man practice. If you are a small business you cannot of course usually afford to hire someone just to answer the phone for you but if you don’t answer the phone you could lose business. That is why the answering services have made themselves available, they can ensure that none of your incoming calls go unanswered and they may even record those calls for you so you can know exactly what they were about but at a time that suits you better. If you are a small business owner or a doctor or lawyer, you of course have your work to do and that often means that you cannot answer the phone but not doing so is costing you clients. If you were to hire a professional answering service, they would work with you to devise a plan that was ideally suited to your business and yet affordable, often paying for itself by the extra business it makes possible. You can even arrange for the answering service to take your calls outside of your regular working hours as well as during your normal hours. You can also ask the service to make appointments for you if necessary and they will then maintain your business calendar ensuring that your days are as productive as possible. When you have hired a professional answering service, any potential client that calls will get the impression that you are a larger business than you probably are and will certainly think you are professional and therefore reliable and effective. Receiving a human response when they call will often convince potential clients that they have found the right business to bring their custom to instead of continuing to phone around others. For the urgent calls that need to be dealt with right away, the answering service may be able to transfer the call to your cell phone where ever you may be and that way ensure that your business flows as it should and hopefully grows. These services have their own fully trained staff and so it is them that has to deal with any staff problems and not you, leaving you free to pursue more profitable matters instead of finding replacements for sick staff.